In May 2018 Jon Cruddas MP received letters from residents in Elm Park expressing concerns of a possible planning application submitted to Havering Council for construction of four residential houses located on land adjacent to 1 Bretons Cottages on Rainham Road.

The application sort permission for the construction of four new dwellings located within a Green Belt Zone and would see off-street parking and private amenity space also.

Dovertail Architects Ltd listed reasons as to how they felt the proposed development would have minimal impact on the Green Belt however, Jon raised concerns that any compromise of the Green Belt could lead to a greater number of applications in the future potentially endangering further Green Belt sites across Havering.

On the 7th of September Jon Cruddas MP received information from Havering Council that the planning application has now been withdrawn by Dovertail Architects and no further action will be taken on the application.

Jon Cruddas MP said: “This is fantastic news, it is vitally important that we protect our Green Belt sites across Dagenham and Havering. I will continue to fight alongside residents against applications that threaten our Green Belt and would like to thank the constituents who originally brought this to my attention.”