Across the constituency many residents have contacted Jon asking how they can help with regard to the Beam Prison Campaign. We are pleased to announce that ‘Campaign packs’ are now available to local residents wishing to do some canvassing and petition collecting down their street. The packs also include window posters and information sheets on the possible disadvantages of having a large scale prison facility in the local area.


To request a pack by post you can either email: 

Or call on: 020 8984 7854



If you contact via email please provide your name, full postal address and a phone number that Jon’s office can contact you on.


There are already many of these street campaigns being led by Jon’s volunteers throughout the local community, and we hope to gather more support in the coming weeks and months. With the whole constituency behind this campaign we can overturn the proposals, we said NO in 2009... And it’s still a resounding NO in 2013!

Join the campaign to protect Dagenham and Rainham from the government’s latest attack; they tried to close Dagenham Police Station and we fought and won, which was a testament to people power! If we band together again we can put a stop to these potentially damaging plans!


To find out more about the prison proposals or to request a ‘campaign pack’ you can email:


Or call Jon’s office and talk to one of the team on: 020 8984 7854


Alternatively you could also write to Jon with your concerns, addressing letters to: 

Jon Cruddas MP, 

50-52 New Road,