Beam Park Station Update

Beam Park Station Update

Jon Cruddas MP has recently secured an update on the developments in the discussions connected to progressing the Beam Park Station.

The meeting between the GLA, C2C, Department for Transport and Havering Council that had been arranged for the 18th July was put back, but it has now been held.

The GLA and Havering have worked up Terms of Reference (ToR) which as well as setting out the aims of all parties and confirming GLA funding for the project, sets out a two-stage phasing.

The first stage is to demonstrate that there will not be a significant impact on train operating timetables. The second stage addresses the financial and commercial matters to be agreed.

It is thought that the process will take 9-12 months. Network Rail has now been included in the discussions. The next meeting is to set the milestones towards delivery of the project and operation of the station.

Jon Cruddas MP: “It is great to see that there is progress being made in getting the station delivered, albeit at a painfully slow pace. As soon as I receive further information, I will be back in touch with my constituents to provide them with an update.”