This Wednesday Rainham & Wennington resident Fay Hough will be marching in protest to Andrew Rosindell’s office, the Member of Parliament for Romford. Fay is hoping to be joined by over 50 local parents from across Havering all in support of the campaign that she launched back in 2014; ‘Awareness for Autism’.

The protest is a response to the recent vote to cut Employment Support Allowance which will see disable people losing over £1,500 a year. Despite strong opposition from Labour MPs the ESA cuts were passed at the beginning of March. As well as cuts to ESA there is also an issue within local authorities which is seeing large cuts to the SEN sector as a result of central government funding cuts.

If local residents are interested in joining the peaceful protest in support of Awareness for Autism, please meet outside Romford Town Hall at 10.00am on Wednesday 20th April.

You can find out more about the organisation on the Facebook page:

Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham & Rainham said: “I have been a supporter of Awareness for Autism since the campaign was started. Fay is an excellent voice in the fight to raise awareness of this issue, and I applaud her ability to motivate the local community. The cuts to ESA will affect many people across Dagenham, Rainham and beyond that is why on 2nd March I voted against them.”

Fay Hough commented: “I have been a strong advocate for autism awareness for a number of years, and cannot for one second understand why any MP would vote for ESA cuts. So many adults with autism, and many more with other disabilities have been effected by this. I have spoken to lots of local parents through my Awareness for Autism network, and I am not alone in my anger – that is why this week we will be coming together for a peaceful protest in Romford that will end outside the MPs office.”