Last week, Asda proudly launched a dedicated volunteer shopping card to help vulnerable customers and those who are self-isolating and unable to go into store. There are a number of Asda superstores located in and around Dagenham and Rainham that residents can access, and this new scheme seeks to support the most vulnerable along with our key workers.

Customers can buy these shopping cards online, top up and give to their family member, friend or NHS volunteer to pay for their shopping without the need to use cash or bankcards, essential for reducing risk to our self-isolating customers.

These shopping cards can be bought at

Jon Cruddas MP has applauded this new scheme saying: "this is a most welcome and excellent initiative. I hope residents will take advantage of this scheme to support older and vulnerable relatives or friends – or those that are working/volunteering in key frontline service roles. This is a great way to support each other in a safe way that respects protective guidelines."

Asda have also outlined a number of other measures that they have taken in response to the current crisis. An overview of the measures can be found below.

Protecting the most vulnerable

On April 3 Asda received data from Defra on the extremely vulnerable in England, and will be contacting these customers to offer first access to home delivery slots, ensuring they get what they need while they stay safe at home.

Online delivery

Asda has been working round the clock to expand its home shopping operations to make as many slots as possible available to customers. In the last two weeks alone, the number of slots has increased by more than 300,000.

The supermarket giant has recognised that there are those still struggling to find a slot but have given assurances that the 700,000 deliveries made every week are going to those who are most in need.

They have also reminded customers that government guidelines do not restrict individuals who are not in vulnerable groups or self-isolating, from travelling to a supermarket to buy what they – or others – need.

Shopping in stores

Extensive measures have been put in place to ensure that stores are safe places to shop, measures have included increasing hand sanitiser and installing Perspex screens. More details available here:

Each store is actively managing the number of customers allowed admission at any one time to ensure that they remain a safe environment. Asda have also request that whole families don't shop together where that is possible.

Opening hours

Over the last two weeks Asda have brought in 50 million core essentials for customers. Shelves are now well stocked through the whole day and there is no need for customers to rush to their local stores early in the morning if they don't have to. This week opening times in some of stores have been extended, and customers can check their local store locator page for details.

NHS and Careworkers

Asda stores are prioritising NHS staff and Careworkers with some form of ID (card, letter) during Priority Shopping Hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8am to 9am, plus a browsing hour before opening on Sunday 9am to 10am.