Today (07.05.2020) Asda contacted Jon Cruddas MP to unveil their next step in support for those on the Government's extremely vulnerable list. Jon had previously written to the superstore asking what provision they had in place for the most vulnerable residents across Dagenham and Rainham.

The food box will contain 31 store cupboard staples for just £30 which is currently the best value supermarket food box. It is aimed at people on the extremely vulnerable list who may still be having difficulty reaching the shops. Among the 31 items will be high demand items such as bread, cereal, pasta and tinned fruit and vegetables.

The food box can be ordered online and will be delivered in two days of placing the order. Volunteers will also be able to order on their behalf.

Food boxes can be ordered here:

Jon said: "I'm very impressed by the way supermarkets have responded to the crisis and this extra provision from Asda to support the most vulnerable will be a great help to many of my constituents."