This Saturday marks the 9th annual Armed Forces Day. Armed Forces Day is a significant event every year, it is a chance for communities across the country to support and pay tribute to all the service men and women past and present who work to keep our country safe.

The main National Event is to be hosted in Liverpool this year. However, as with previous years there are also events taking place around Dagenham and Rainham over the weekend. Residents of Havering can attend the ‘Armed Forces Day Fun Day’ on Saturday 24th June and the ‘Armed Forces Day Parade’ where Paratroopers, Army, Navy and Royal Air Force Cadets march through South Street in Romford through to the Town Centre, accompanied by a marching band and members of the Romford, Elm Park, and Hornchurch Royal British Legions.

Dagenham and Barking also have a long service history; and on Sunday 25th June, Eastbury Manor House is hosting a celebration in support of the Armed Forces and their families, it is free entry so everyone can take part. There will be a BBQ with 1940s style musical entertainment from the Polka Dots, guided tours of the Elizabethan Manor, with an emphasis on its place during World War One will also be happening throughout the day.

Jon Cruddas MP commented: “Armed Forces Day is always a big event locally. Across the constituency we have a long and proud service history. I fundamentally believe that if you put on a uniform for the country, when you return to civvy life you should be a priority in terms of housing and access to services. Barking and Dagenham Council is a good example of where this notion has come through in policy – working to support our veterans.

“My dad was 27 years in the Navy, and I am pleased that we in the Labour Party locally are focusing on this sort of patriotic Labour story. We’re very much supportive of our veterans and the contributions they make. This day is a fantastic opportunity for the community to acknowledge local service men and women and the outstanding work they do.”

Taking part in Armed Forces Day events is an easy and fun way to show our respect and goodwill towards Armed Services and the men and women who work to make lives for the public normal, the day provides a valuable morale boost for the troops and their families.