Armed Forces Day 2012

Armed Forces Day 2012


This will be the fourth annual Armed Forces Day.

The object of this day is to raise public awareness and show national support for the contribution made to our country by those who serve in the Armed Forces. It is not only a tribute to current serving members of the armed forces but also a time to remember and pay tribute to the service men and women of the past and service families.

The National Event is taking place in Plymouth today, and there are numerous other events taking place up and down the country.


Jon Cruddas MP commented: "Today marks Armed Forces day and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our service personnel around the world who do a magnificent job on our behalf. Our thoughts are also with the families of those serving who go through an immense amount of stress and worry while their loved ones are away. Our Armed Forces, past and present, allow us to carry on our lives as normal thanks to the amazing bravery they show on a daily basis and for that we are exceptionally grateful."


You can find out more about the work our armed forces are involved in via the Ministry of Defence website:

To learn more about National Armed Forces Day and how to get involved in future events follow this link: