Residents are deeply concerned that their green land and flood plains are going to be concreted over by Havering Council.

Look at Orchard Village. What should have been a model of contemporary social housing is now a national disgrace, a textbook for failure.

Look at Wennington Farm. What should be protected green belt land, with wildlife, flora and fauna, is being lost to gravel extractors bringing seven years of noise and truck pollution to residents.

Look at Dovers Green. This prime green land in the heart of the community is being tossed away to greedy developers. The sad fact of the matter is that Havering’s housing policy is not fit for purpose.

If you care about our green land, our communal spaces, our environment - please sign the petition below - and let's say NO to Havering's plans to concrete over our communities.

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Scooter and quad bike gangs are the new scourge on our streets and it's time that police took decisive action.This is not some form of anti-social behaviour. This is criminal behaviour that is terrorising young and old. Yesterday a 19-year-old was injured after being pushed off his moped in Porters Road - the latest in a string of incidents.Fortunately I understand the young man is not seriously injured. But it really is only a matter of time before we are dealing with a graver event.My team recently carried out a survey into crime and anti-social behaviour and found 95 per cent of people said the problem had got worse in recent years. As MP for the area for the last 16 years I have to, sadly, agree. I now intend to take this matter up with the Borough Commander for Dagenham, Rainham, Elm Park and South Hornchurch. We need to look at a host of ways of tackling the scourge of these scooter gangs. On one level that could mean speed cameras and traffic-calming measures. But what I really want to see is a decisive commitment by police to treat these as serious crimes and back that up with extra patrols and a determination to investigate all such incidents as a priority.If you agree that it's time for police to prioritise action against the scooter gangs, please sign this petition.
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