Jon writes in the Barking and Dagenham Post:


"I am worried about local people’s boilers breaking down; vulnerable people with no heating or hot water . The repair work is carried out by Enterprise - the company we pay for and employ to take care of our council properties.

Now you might have noticed that David Cameron and Ed Miliband have been talking all last week  about ‘crony capitalism’. Its all a bit vague so lets use a local example.

Jon Cruddas MP has highlighted the plight of local residents in Dagenham and Rainham, left hanging on for boiler repairs in the middle of winter.

The problems – which involve local council contractors Enterprise – came to light when Jon was contacted by wheelchair user Anne Akrong, 83, and her husband Samuel, 81.

Anne and Samuel’s boiler broke down in December, and the couple were left waiting for 10 days to get it repaired – with water so cold they couldn’t even wash their faces.  When the contractors finally arrived, the boiler took just 30 minutes to fix.

 Jon Cruddas MP has joined the debate over responsible capitalism, highlighting the need for pension fund managers to be accountable to ordinary pension savers.

Speaking in the House of Commons on 20 January, Jon argued that “the notion of ‘responsible capitalism’ has risen to the top of the political agenda. A cross-party consensus has emerged that shareholders must do more to tackle irresponsible corporate behaviour such as excessive top pay.”

Dover's Corner development

In the last few days I have had numerous letters, emails and phone calls concerning the Dover’s Corner development. As many of you will be aware there was a large local support against the planned development on Dover’s Corner and this forced the council to abandon their previous support for the proposals. However the Secretary of State reversed this decision and granted planning permission for the site.

Ken Livingstone visited the Dagenham and Rainham constituency on Monday 16th January and took the chance to catch up with local residents and public figures. His aim was to discuss the ways in which he can help tackle the issues facing the area should he be elected as Mayor in May 2012. The visit was a great opportunity for Jon Cruddas, the leader of the council Liam Smith and local residents to discuss the challenges the borough is currently experiencing.

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