Dawson Hall and Bethel Christian Centres tell us about the work they do in our local area.

“Community is very important to us at Dawson and Bethel and we greatly enjoy serving and getting to know the people of Dagenham, regardless of their background or culture.



MP Jon Cruddas took a few minutes out from his busy schedule to take part in the Westminster Dog of the Year competition last month.

Jon and one year old border terrier Joni took part in the competition with 17 other dogs and their MP owners at the Victoria Tower Gardens.

Whilst Jon and Joni were unsuccessful this year Jon said:

Jon is proud to give his support to the Education and Training (Young People with Autism) Bill, currently making its way through Parliament.

The Bill, which was given its first reading on 1 November 2011, would require the Government to support education and training for young people with autism and Asperger syndrome. It would also ensure that work opportunities were available for young people with these conditions.

Local cancer charity Mark McCarthy’s Magic Moments explain the work they do in our area:


We arrange supportive outings for patients that otherwise remain isolated and ensure that the most vulnerable/terminal cancer patients have food at Christmas time.



The Care Quality Commission recently published the results of its investigation into Queens Hospital.

Jon Cruddas MP said:

"When local people need to access hospitals, the care they receive must be high quality, and responsive to patient needs.

"Queens Hospital in Romford has had problems recently, and I was not surprised when the CQC Report published last week, highlighted these problems- we have all heard the stories, a lot of them have ended up on my desk.