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March 2010

Stop the BNP on the Eastern Front

Mar 01, 2010

Come to Dagenham to beat the BNP on the Eastern Front! Jon Cruddas and Dagenham & Rainham Labour are working hard to stop the BNP taking control of the local council and will be holding a campaign day on March 13th.

If you are a first time canvasser or an experienced activist all are welcome to join the campaign day with training for newcomers provided and a hot lunch in between sessions.

You can sign up to the campaign day here.

Margaret Thatcher's toxic legacy

Mar 01, 2010

The election approaches and Britain begins the long haul out of recession. What will the Conservatives do to the economy? David Cameron has claimed Margaret Thatcher's economic revolution as his own. She had, he said, engineered an enterprise economy that was the envy of the world. Today "our country does not face economic breakdown. We've won the economic argument." But, after three turbulent decades, it has ended in calamity.