Labour Housing Minister John Healey today offered councils a far reaching new deal giving them the freedom to fund and run their council homes, without central Government subsidy.

In announcing the deal, Mr Healey set out plans to dismantle the current (HRA subsidy) system of funding council housing in 177 local authority areas.

The deal will release at least ten per cent more money in every council for maintaining and managing their homes. And it will create the funding capacity to build over 10,000 new council homes a year.


Tory Stories has obtained details of the Conservative response to the claims that ethnic minority candidates were ‘airbrushed out' of electoral material. The Observer reported that, on being confronted with the allegations, the party appeared to make a rushed attempt to cover up its dubious electoral practices.

You can read the full story and see the dodgy material here.

It was reported yesterday that campaign calendars distributed by Dagenham and Rainham Conservatives ‘airbrushed out' ethnic minority candidates from photos. The founder of Operation Black Vote has alleged that the calendars, which also feature a large image of David Cameron, ‘pander' to race hatred.

Save Our Sure Start

The Labour Party are joining forces with families across England to campaign to Save Our Sure Start Children's Centres:

A child's lifelong health, happiness and achievements are heavily influenced by their experience before birth and in their earliest years. That's why Labour introduced Sure Start Children's Centres to help build strong family relationships supported by a network of local services. There are now 3,500 centres helping 2.5m children.

Tory Stories has lifted the lid on new questions around Havering Tories' anti immigration leaflet. You can read the full story here

Jon sets out "The Future of Social Democracy" in a pair of lectures published by Compass in association with Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney Labour Party Keir Hardie Lecture.

You can view the PDF here.