Housing Minister John Healey has today launched the first-ever national crackdown on tenancy cheats to recover up to 10,000 council and housing association homes fraudulently sub-let, and release them to those in real need.

Tenancy cheats live elsewhere and can earn thousands of pounds a year by unlawfully sub-letting their properties at higher rental rates. If caught they will lose their tenancy, and could lose their right to social housing in future.


A senior Tory councillor has launched an astonishing attack on David Cameron's shadow cabinet, claiming they don't have the experience to 'run a **** up in a brewery'.

The outburst, by Stephen Greenhalgh, the Conservative leader of Hammersmith and Fulham Council, is hugely embarrassing for the Tory leader.

Mr Cameron made the council boss head of his council innovation unit, a body set up to devise a 'bible of best practice' for Tory town hall chiefs.

From The Mirror:

Tory Cash: the truth

David Cameron's closest Tory chums will make £7.1MILLION from his plans to slash inheritance tax for the super-rich.

A Mirror investigation has found that 18 millionaire members of the shadow cabinet will save up to £520,000 each under the Conservatives' flagship policy.

Among those benefiting from the controversial plans to raise the tax threshold to £2million are shadow chancellor George Osborne, foreign secretary William Hague and Mr Cameron.

The Dagenham 500

Want to help Jon Cruddas beat the BNP in the new seat of Dagenham and Rainham? Free on Saturday? Join us for the Dagenham 500!

Jon Cruddas is fighting the BNP in the marginal, re-drawn constituency of Dagenham and Rainham.

On the 28th and 29th November we are holding the Dagenham 500. We'll be speaking to 500 voters in each council ward, in one weekend, supported by Trade Unions, local members, London Young Labour, Labour Students, activists from across London and supporters in the local community.

Jon Cruddas welcomed today's Compass report In Place of Cuts, which outlined reforms to the tax system that would redistribute money to 90% of households and raise funds to reduce the deficit without sweeping cuts to frontline services.

The report, entitled In Place of Cuts: Tax reform to build a fairer society and based on a Treasury model simulation, sets out a programme of detailed tax reforms that will:

Asbestos: A deadly legacy

From: The Independent on Sunday

They called it "the Barking cough". First it began like any other: a tickle in the chest and slight pain on breathing. Then, within a matter of months, the sufferer was in agony, gasping for air and eventually suffocating to death as a vicious cancer attacked their lungs waiting for the final lingering, inevitable end which might not come for decades.


Clamping down on clampers

Drivers across the borough have been forced to pay exorbitant fines after being pounced upon by private car clamping operators. Jon has had many constituents raise this matter with him and in some cases the cowboy clampers have used bullying and intimidating behaviour to pressure people into paying the large fine to have their car released.

The Government held a consultation over the summer and Jon is pushing for action this year to ensure that the practice is no longer unregulated and people are not faced with more excessive fines. Jon told the local press:

Fighers and Believers