ANZAC Day commemoration

ANZAC Day commemoration
Jon Cruddas MP recently attended the ANZAC Day commemoration.
ANZAC Day is remembered every year at a ceremony on Dovers Green Rainham. Dovers Green is at the heart of the New Zealand Estate which was built in the 1950s and named in memory of those soldiers from Australia and New Zealand who were based in Rainham and Hornchurch during both World Wars. Soldiers whose bravery and sacrifice are remembered and honoured.
The first ever ANZAC Day was held on 25 April 1916 to commemorate the troops that made the ultimate sacrifice in Gallipoli on the same date in 1915, during a crucial expedition which lasted eight months and cost many thousands of allied lives.
Jon Cruddas MP: “I worked hard alongside Margaret Mullane, the ward councillors and local residents to establish a permanent memorial plaque back in 2017. It was an honour to attend the ceremony and we will continue to remember all those who fought to protect Dovers Green.”