The number of unemployed claimants in Dagenham and Rainham constituency in July 2012 was 3,460. This represents a rate of 7.8% of the economically active population aged 16 to 64, the 130th highest of the 650 UK constituencies. The number of claimants is 84 lower than in July 2011 and 10 lower than in June 2012. Up till now there has been a steady decrease in claimants of 0.2% per month. Although this is still great news for Dagenham and Rainham there is still much work to be done. The percentage of claimants has stalled with only 10 less individual claimants than last month.

However this is still improvement and its continuation has seen Dagenham and Rainham move from 115th to 130th on the list of the highest unemployment rates across the 650 constituencies. These data are not seasonally adjusted. 

Moving into July we have seen a decrease in unemployment with 10 less claimants than in June 2012. Dagenham & Rainham is still at the higher end of the unemployment table which is just unacceptable.

Here is a brief summary of the national statistics (in the quarter up to April 2012): 

-The unemployment rate on a wider scale was 8.2 per cent of the economically active population, down 0.2 on the quarter.

- There were 2.63 million unemployed people, down 45,000 on the quarter. 

- Youth unemployment made up 707,000 of this number and was also down 24,000 from the months leading up to December 2011. 

Although progress is being made, Jon Cruddas believes more can be done to increase employment. With impending Remploy closures on the horizon, Jon argues that this Tory-Led Governments cuts are putting the brakes on economical progress.

The recent statistics are very positive and show growth within the constituency. But this growth could be massively aided by the Government – The Coalition should be backing industry in less privileged areas not bringing it to a halt. Jon argues that “Local residents should be pleased with these increases in employment but we must also realise that more needs to be done. The government should not be closing factories such as Remploy but instead should be investing in local industries.”


Things are on the up

This rise in employment and step towards ending recession is set to be boosted in the summer of 2013 with the opening of a new Tesco depot near Dagenham. The project that was due to be up and running by August was postponed but is on course to create up to 1,200 new jobs for people in the borough. With the Sanofi Aventis site moving forwards we can expect many more jobs as well. Jon Cruddas added that “The key is to ensure that it is jobs for local people and these discussions are still going on to ensure maximum benefits in the community – we are hopefully looking at thousands of local jobs in the next year or two for local residents.”

In addition to these projects Dagenham has seen a recent investment of around £4 million into a new High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute.


Jon Cruddas MP had this to say:

"This area has an immensely proud history of manufacturing and this is just the next step in that history. We need to promote industry in the area as a way of tackling unemployment and ensuring people have the necessary skills to work at the highest level. The near £4 million total investment will help take manufacturing in this area to the next level.

By bringing together experts from business, academia and engineering the institute has the potential to ensure Britain is once again at the forefront of world manufacturing".