Afghan Association Paiwand Ltd

Afghan Association Paiwand Ltd

Following the devastating Afghanistan Crisis, many of Jon Cruddas MP's constituents have asked how they can help, donate or assist those coming over to seek asylum in the UK.

Afghan Association Paiwand Ltd (AAPL) is run by and for the refugee community. It is a charity and community organisation in North West London. For the last 16 years, AAPL has helped refugees, asylum seekers and migrants to build up a happy life in the UK. They show solidarity with both children and adults, and truly understand the unique and complex set of needs of this community.

Any donations during this difficult time would be welcome. However, AAPL have stated there is a specific demand for milk, Sudocreme, nappies, bath items and other amenities for new-born babies and new mothers.

If you would like to donate or find out more, please call 0208 905 8770 or visit the Afghan Association Paiwand Ltd website at: Afghan Association Paiwand Ltd | For Refugees in North West London