The Coronavirus crisis has had a profound effect on society and has changed many lives in the process forcing a rethink of priorities. This week Jon Cruddas MP was contacted by Sattesh Singh of Elm Park on behalf of his 11-year-old son Hemanth Singh. Hemanth had written a letter about his mother's journey through Covid-19 and out the other side, which his father wished to share with the MP.

Based on his family's experience, in his letter Hemanth urges the public to follow Government guidelines so that the pandemic passes, and lockdown can be lifted.

You can read Hemanth's story HERE

Jon Cruddas said: "the letter I received from Hemanth was incredibly moving and very eloquent. He rightly highlights that we must have faith in the NHS, and that means properly funding it – ensuring the frontline has the basics to provide effective care."

Jon added: "Hemanth's letter really shines a light on the human impact of this crisis; the worry and concern, hope and prayer, and finally the relief and elation at coming out the other side. Sadly, not all the stories will have a positive end and my thoughts are with the families who have lost loved ones to the virus."

The full letter can be read by clicking HERE