Our Current Campaigns

Campaign for diesel production

 Dagenham Diesel Centre produces 1 million engines annually and it employs 3,000 workers or contractors. It's at risk because of changes to the Government's approach to diesel. Clean diesel engines are the way forward and the Government needs to give its backing.

Battling Mini Moto Yobs

The scooter gang problem is escalating and the current 'no pursuit' policy just isn't going to allow the police to crackdown on these villains. My petition which only launched a few days ago already has well over 1,000 signatures. These gangs are an epidemic and this is one of the stand out issues... READ MORE

Fighting to save the A&E

You will know how long we have been fighting against proposals to close the A&E at King George Hospital in Goodmayes. We've been fighting for over 6 years. And if health bosses think we are losing heart then they had better think again. We're still here and we're still fighting. You may already... READ MORE

Calling Time on Crime

Jon Cruddas MP has launched a campaign Calling Time on Crime.

This campaign comes as a response to rising violent crime across Dagenham and Rainham over the past 12 months. The Mayor of London is doing what he can to support the Met Police, but ultimately it is just a drop in the ocean compared to over £700m worth of Government cuts which have left us with 21,000 fewer police officers since 2010. We’re urging residents to sign Jon’s petition demanding that the government step up and give our police the support they need to keep our streets safe. You can fill out his survey and sign the petition by clicking HERE

Signatures so far: 3306

I fear for my grandchildren when they are out. Lynne
Lack of overt police patrols have allowed criminals to act with impunity. David
More police, it is now terrifying for us residents. Tina
We are not safe to walk during both day and night. Peter
To have cars stolen at 9.30 am broad daylight beggars belief. Albert
It seems that there is no connection between the current government and the people like us. Julie
I have a son and I’m worried about him going school and local shops on his own is a worry. Behiye
I was burgled 3 times. Twice my vehicle and once my house. Leila.
More police on the streets must be a priority. Barry
I feel very frightened to walk down from Heath way station to my home. Mercy
9 years ago when you see the Community Police Officers on every corner of the borough. Sonny
Its on the increase on a daily basis and had to be tackled now. Kenny.
More visible police presence in known blackspots would deter those involved. Pauline
Im even looking around me when Im out doing the day. Karen.
We constantly seem to hear about burglaries and car thefts around. Alal
Crime has gone up because they know the chances of being caught are very slim. Terry.
My 17 year old son has been attacked twice. Toni.
More police on the beat not the odd car passing through every couple of hours. Kelly

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Our Successes

Police Station
On Wednesday 1st November 2017 On Wednesday 1st November 2017 after a three month campaign led by Jon Cruddas MP, and supported by the council, the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime has announced that Dagenham police station has been saved.  This was an another example of people power winning... READ MORE
In the last seven years there have been two proposals to build a ‘super-prison’ in Dagenham & Rainham, and both times the community mobilised and knocked the plans back. In 2009 15,000 residents signed a petition against the proposals to build a 1,500 capacity prison at the Beam Park site... READ MORE
Civic Centre
After eighteen months of campaigning, which included a survey to all 30,000 households in Dagenham, over 4,000 petition signatures, 33 video testimonies from members of the public, and a candle lit vigil which attracted over 400 local residents – the future of the iconic Dagenham Civic Centre was... READ MORE

Latest Dagenham News

In September 2018 Jon Cruddas MP launched a campaign ‘Calling Time on Crime’ as a response to rising violent crime across Dagenham and Rainham. Knife... read more
Thursday 7 March marked World Book Day 2019. This year in Barking and Dagenham the day marked the launch of a project by local Councillor Andrew... read more
This week Jon Cruddas MP has been contacted by Historic Royal Palaces with a fantastic opportunity for local schools and school children from Key... read more

Latest Rainham News

Last week – First Step, a local charity for disabled Children, announced that they need to raise £200,000 to avoid closure after losing funding from... read more
This week, Havering Council announced their decision to close Chafford Sports Complex in Rainham by June 1st, 2019. The sports centre currently owned... read more
In September 2018 Jon Cruddas MP launched a campaign ‘Calling Time on Crime’ as a response to rising violent crime across Dagenham and Rainham. Knife... read more