It has come to light that in the next £400m round of government cuts to the Metropolitan Police, the Dagenham Police Station is yet again under threat of closure. The proposal is to lose all counter services then sell the building off. This would prevent members of the public reporting crimes at the site, and would finally result with no visible police presence in the area.

Sign Jon's petition to save the Dagenham Police Station below. For the full details of the proposals click HERE

Jon Cruddas MP said: "I understand that the Met are under pressure from the government, but Dagenham Police Station has more average daily reports of crime than 17 of the 34 counters not under threat and it is the second most frequented station out of the 39 proposed closures.

“Dagenham Police Station is the most frequently used service in the borough. It’s nonsense that it has been earmarked for closure. This is a half-baked attempt at saving money but you can’t put a price on residents’ safety.

"I'm urging all residents to sign my petition so that we can fight these proposals together."